Hi, I'm Jonni.

The founder of SMM.

I help entrepreneurs and businesses cut through the noise of a billion others to actually be seen.  


My name is Jonni and I am the founder of Sunday Morning Marketing, where entrepreneurs and businesses grow exponentially online. At 5'2, I'm one of the shortest women in marketing, but it doesn't stop me from having giant ideas.

I graduated from Eastern Nazarene College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Journalism. While in college, I spent several years working for various marketing firms, both Boston-based and international. Quickly, I found my passion for digital marketing, and soon after I began to develop my own personal social presence. Over the course of a year and a half, I saw my social presence explode with over 2 million on Pinterest and over 30 thousand on Instagram. As a result, I began to offer my services to others, and launched Sunday Morning Marketing to keep up with the demand and begin taking on clients.

I've worked with bloggers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations across many industries. I'm extremely passionate about using the online space to revolutionize the way that individuals and businesses alike think about marketing, drive revenue, and increase their customer bases and bottom lines. I take pride in my innovative approaches to marketing because it enables my clients to see consistent growth across all platforms. I enhance clients’ businesses through social media strategy design and implementation, content creation, social management, web development, paid advertisements, and SEO. My strategies have proved to increase online presence and social following, as well as my clients’ engagement and reach. All of my strategies involve organic growth, ensuring that any increases in social following translate directly to additional consumers for my clients.

Staying at the forefront of the social media revolution, understanding the new techniques, algorithms, and strategies is a passion of mine. I strive to ensure that all of my clients are seeing the best results possible. I love to show clients the potential to be realized by taking advantage of the unique market place that social media offers.

Let my team and I help you harness the power of the digital space – we know that you will be thrilled with the results!    

I'm also a lifestyle blogger! Check it out below!

I am the creator of JonniNicole.com,  a place to not only find wholesome community, but encouragement and inspiration for your every day life. The greatest desire of my heart is to motivate others to run to their faith and to help them develop true security in the inner most parts of themselves.  I speak on topics that are normally ignored in the Church, my experience in my dating, engagement, and marriage journey, and generally anything I'm learning through out my life.