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Learn How Customer Testimonials On a Website Can Improve Conversion.

Marketing and advertising strategies no longer affect the average consumer. Consumers are finding it more difficult by the day to trust companies. What should businesses do to improve that?

Build credibility by using customer testimonials.

Many small businesses earn quite a profit by referrals only. A friend tends to trust a recommendation from a person they know, than to blindly engage with a company.

Did you know that using customer testimonials may result in a 62 percent increase in revenue per customer. Why not improve revenue by strategically adding testimonials throughout your web page?

Here are three places that would be ideal for testimonials:

Landing Pages

If you are selling a course or bringing awareness to your business by using a landing page, adding testimonials to that page may help with conversion. You don't necessarily have to add too many testimonials to build trust, having a single testimonial that comes from a recognized expert in your field can be just as effective. Now that you've improved your landing page, look forward to higher conversions!

Contact Pages

Imagine a scenario where your website visitors browsed throughout your website and they decided to take that first step to reach out to you via your contact form. Adding a testimonial by your form may give your prospect that extra nudge to send that message. Adding a testimonial by your contact form is genius. Up your conversion rate by placing a testimonial there.

Under a Blog Post

Adding a blog to your site if it is relevant to your industry, is great. A blog helps your visitors to gain more knowledge about your genre of business. It also helps to keep your visitors on your web page which helps to reduce bounce rate. Adding a testimonial beneath your blog post is a great way to make your reader know that hey -- this is why you should trust my business.


Customer testimonials proves to be extremely persuasive in marketing. There are many ways that you can present them.

Start asking for testimonials now and then, choose appropriate areas for your customer testimonials.

If you would like to know more about our services and how we can optimize your web page for higher conversions, request a consultation today

Your Convert Expert,


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