Sunday Morning Marketing is a contemporary marketing agency dedicated to accelerating brands through creativity, technology, and data in the digital age. We specialize in helping small to mid-size businesses build their online presence, establish meaningful connections with prospective clients, and grow revenue streams with new and existing customers.

Beginning just a few years ago in a college dorm, our founder, Jonni Parsons, committed to fully developing a marketing formula that put an emphasis on systematically transforming strangers into raving fans or customers. By diving deeply into analytics and keeping up-to-date with the digital trends, she has proved that digital marketing, when done right, can differentiate your brand, generate leads, and fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities that take your brand to the next level. 

If we are being honest, we know that marketing has changed and continues to change. The same tactics that we used years ago no longer work for the present market. There is no one-size-fits-all anymore. Marketing is no longer confined but it extends to every part of our lives through every status update, google search, and scroll of our thumb.


We are not just specialists in different areas of digital marketing. We are experts in bringing it all together and enabling it to make sense to you. We put our customers at the center and create customized and effective strategies that grow businesses in measurable and impactful ways. 

As your dedicated consultants, we will develop a detailed marketing plan, define your brand voice and mission, establish a digital presence, and advise on inbound and outbound sales and strategies. We leverage our team of experts to drive direct results, and connect brands with our network of industry to keep them on the cutting edge.


At Sunday Morning Marketing, we believe in a core set of principles that guide us in how we run our business every day. Here they are...


We strive to set proper expectations with our clients and be transparent about the work we perform and the results we achieve.


Our strategy-first approach ensures that you gain a digital brand platform that uniquely positions your brand and effectively engages target audiences throughout their buyers’ journey.


We know good ideas come from everywhere and we also know that nobody knows your business like you do. That’s why we prefer to work as an integral part of our clients’ marketing teams.

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While each client will have an individual consultation and customized strategy, we have an initial process in place that consistently produces results...

  • Listen: We listen to you and ask you questions. We learn what your goals are and then we brainstorm ways to reach them. We study your brand, explore your industry and get to know your customers. We also scope out your rivals. 

  • Plan: Using our research, the planning process turns that information into a clear set of consumer insights, user objectives and business goals. Paired with target personas and user experience data, this information helps us create an overall strategic vision for your brand. We are bringing the vision to life.

  • Create: Every creative person on our team works together for this part. We mix it up. Architectures are built and wireframes begin to take shape. This is where it gets exciting.

  • Execute: This is the moment of truth. Strategies are implemented and campaigns are launched. Content calendars are generated and copy is transformed into rich and searchable material. 

  • Measure: By clearly defining our goals and objectives early in the process, we’re able to define key performance indicators and metrics that we can use to measure performance. Once the project is up and going, we measure, test and compare. We figure out what’s working, and what could be working better. 

  • Optimize: Continuous progress. Constant forward motion. We don’t want to just help you reach goals, we want to help you surpass them.


In a word? Everything.

Most agencies will come to each client with a one-size-fits-all approach. Though that is convenient, it's also lazy which leads to poor results. Sunday Morning Marketing comes in with a blank sheet of paper, spends three full days getting to know the prospective company through in person meetings, phone calls, or Skype sessions, and customizes their strategy.

Unlike a typical marketing agency, we start at the beginning with every client.  We assume nothing and have a process in place that allows us to extract all of the information we need.

Every relationship we build with a client is unique and special.  Also, we have a very transparent pricing structure which is the same for all clients, regardless of their size.

Our team is passionate, motivated, and unable to stop until we achieve the results that they need. 


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