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About Us

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Hey, I'm Jonni!

​Beginning just a few years ago in a college dorm, I committed to fully developing a marketing formula that put an emphasis on systematically transforming strangers into raving fans or customers. By diving deeply into analytics and keeping up-to-date with the digital trends, I've proved that digital marketing, when done right, can differentiate your brand, generate leads, and fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities that take your brand to the next level. 


My team and I don’t expect our clients to be experts at websites, social media, or ad campaigns... That’s why they come to us. Instead, we help them to understand how we can adapt what makes them great into something that can extend their reach and help them grow.

We are a boutique digital marketing agency focused on a small number of quality clients. This is for one simple reason – we talk to them constantly. We understand that your success is our success. Helping you helps us.

What I believe

My passion is fueled by faith and incredibly hard work

In today’s increasingly digital world, any business needs to be involved in digital marketing or lose out.

We know that although ‘likes’, ‘shares’, and ‘reposts’ matter, the ultimate objective of any business is to earn tangible value from its social media marketing investment. Therefore, our team of online marketing enthusiasts not only takes digital marketing off your plate, but also delivers the results you desire in the form of increased number of ‘leads’, ‘conversions’, and ‘sales’.

ready to get started

cause I can be your best friend in biz!

At this very moment there is a conversation happening online about what’s hot in your industry. Let us help you be a part of it. Sunday Morning Marketing l has become a leading digital marketing agency by producing social media campaigns that draw on the emotions of your customer.  We tell our client’s unique stories through original branded content that differentiates your brand from your competitors.

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